Jericho Shrine Center

Illustrious Sirs, Nobles, Ladies and Friends of Jericho,

"WOW" I want to thank all the Nobles for allowing me to be Potentate for the year 2021. I want to congratulate Ill. Sir Danny Crum and Lady Diane for a good year. They did a great job leading the temple during the Pandemic (Covid-19). We know they gave up a lot of functions this past year and I hope we can give them the opportunity to have something this year. I have discussed this with Ill. Sir Danny.

Again, thank you Nobles and Ladies for having confidence and trust in me. People have asked me for several years why I have not run for Potentate. There always seemed to be other things going on in my life that stopped me. The Shrine has been my life for over 60 years. I have been able to serve Jericho in several ways, as Recorder for 12 years, on the Imperial Council Teller committee as Assistant Teller Chairman, now as Emeritus, and on the Imperial Council's Jurisdictional Lines committee, now as Emeritus.

Nobles let us work together in solving problems that might come up in our temple. Together I feel sure we can solve them. The Temple cannot grow without members and I know each of us can reach out to a Mason and encourage him to check us out. I am going to try several new things this year that I hope will work out. There might need to be changes along the way, but I hope this might encourage someone to join our Shrine Temple. If the pandemic has faded away, we need to go back to the things we have done in the past and have fun again. We need this.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Look for changes in the future, I hope for the good. If not, we will change and try to make it better.

Yours in the Faith,

L. Roger Williams Potentate 2021