Jericho Shrine Center

Illustrious Sirs, Nobles and Ladies,

In 2014 while serving as Commander of the Legion of Honor, I was approached by several Nobles asking if I had ever considered running for Oriental Guide. After a lot of thought and the pledge of support from my wife Charlene, I decided to run. I was elected Oriental Guide in 2015 and that was the start of our journey. What a journey it has been!

During my career, I received many accolades and honors. But nothing compares to being elected Potentate of Jericho for 2019. It is an honor and privilege to serve the Nobles and families of Jericho. I pledge that I will do my very best to serve you, the Hospitals and children in a manner that will make you proud.

We are blessed to have experienced Nobles in leadership roles working for you. I pray that our membership will continue to grow. Let's keep focused on helping the kids and hospitals while having fun.

"A Flight to Remember" is the theme for this year. Looking forward to a smooth rewarding flight. We need to put aside our differences and heal. With your help and support we can achieve many things. In January step aboard a new flight and help Jericho soar to new heights. All this in the name of Jericho and your Shrine Hospitals. I pray that God will give us wisdom and guidance in our decision making.

Yours in the Faith,

Chuck Blair Potentate 2019